About Us

     Poison Pictures is an independent  film production company, based in Los Angeles. We specialize in creating unique and groundbreaking content from feature films to commercials and everything in between. We collaborate with the best up-and-coming filmmakers in LA and around the world to create high-quality products for every budget. We also provide individual work-for-hire services in addition to full scale production. 

 Our work has been featured and awarded at Austin Revolution Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema, Utah Film Festival, Romford Film Festival, Webdance, The Indie Fest, Auckland Film Festival, Regina International Film Festival and Awards, Golden Gate International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, Women's Independent Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival,  Hollywood International Cinefest, Los Angeles Cinefest of Hollywood, New York Film and TV Festival, and many more. Our first feature film 'Blue' was bought and distributed by Gravitas Ventures and is available on all major platforms including Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. 

Our Team 

     Meet the founders of Poison Pictures, Gabriela Ledesma and Callie Schuttera. The pair met in 2015 and since then have created countless projects together including comedy specials, feature films, live events, and campaign commercials. They consistently receive national and international acclaim for their work in producing, screenwriting, directing, and editing. In 2016, Ledesma and Schuttera were married in Los Angeles CA where they now live with their daughter Sofia.

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